Working time registration


esWORK is a module designed for the registration of working time of company’s staff. The solution makes it possible to keep track of:

  • cost centres
  • project implementation
  • costs associated with customer acquisition and support

Reports generated on the basis of entered data are useful for the assessment of time and labour intensity of current activities, and for the generation of information required by the HR Department.

The module is easily configurable and flexible. It keeps a register of employees’ remote work, business trips, days off etc., and makes it possible to manage/monitor overtime and undertime hours. Another useful functionality is the development of holiday schedules.

Integration of the esWORK module with the external Access Control System results in the automatic feeding of data documenting staff entry and exit times (recording of working time), which is the basis for work time registration.

Another convenient feature is the possibility of integrating esWORK work time registration and recording capabilities with document flows created in esFLOW, e.g. with the flow of holiday or business trip applications.

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