We are prepared to offer you complete solutions that will prove invaluable during the processes of digitalization and management of corporate documents:

  • esSCAN – document scanning and indexing module compatible with commercially available scanners and multi-functional devices; dedicated functionalities for barcode reading and improving the quality of scanned documents; OCR- and ICR-based recognition systems for both printed and handwritten texts.

  • esFLOW – electronic document workflow module for active creation, processing, and approval of documents and other company information (e.g. contracts, quotations, staff leave applications), and for the acquisition of data from documents (e.g. from cost and purchase invoices). The module reflects the company’s structure and charts the system of staff substitutions. It can be integrated with CRM, administrative centre, and fax and e-mail processing functions.

  • esDOC – electronic archive module designed for storing and browsing the content of electronic documents, adding comments, shading or highlighting selected sections in the texts. Access to the documents via a web browser is limited to authorized staff members holding unique logins and passwords in order to ensure appropriate security of stored information.

  • esPOST – electronic administration module for recording incoming and outgoing correspondence, and for automatic creation of the correspondence log which is a necessary element of each company’s operations.

  • esARCH – module supporting traditional archive, designed specifically for Clients storing documents in our traditional archive. The module facilitates the process of ordering documents and their scans, and contains information about the status of each document.

The system can be implemented on the Client’s servers. Our solutions can also operate on the basis of the advanced Cloud Computing model (SaaS, Software as a Service).

We integrate our solutions with accounting applications and ERP systems from other providers.

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