Correct workflow of all documents within an organization ensures efficiency of operation even in the largest institutions. A DMS (Document Management System) solution boosts overall performance and reduces the time required for handling professional materials, accounting documents, official letters, etc.

esFLOW, our proprietary electronic document workflow solution, has been designed to achieve process automation excellence. It can be employed to optimize activities in all corporate departments. esFLOW delivers important benefits in a short time frame:

  • better efficiency thanks to reduced number of paper documents and elimination of redundant stages of the document handling process,
  • shorter customer service process due to faster responses to inquiries about the status of cases and documents,
  • reduced cost of information storage – integration of all data into one system,
  • streamlined control – more systematic and reliable flow of corporate information and data.

For the workflow system to operate properly, it needs appropriately defined document flow paths. The approach supports fast identification of bottlenecks, i.e. units in which staff hold back documents, slowing down or stopping key decision processes. esFLOW is a fully configurable programme which supports adjustments of tasks to the specific profile of a unit/branch office/company by:

  • changing the type of workflow of a previously processed document,
  • attaching annexes,
  • consultations,
  • substitutions.

All users receiving lists of tasks to complete are able to check the workflow history of any document they may need. They are also automatically notified about delays in the implementation of orders, and have unhindered and immediate access to the electronic materials (in line with their level of authorization). esFLOW is an efficiently working tool due to its integration with the external esDOC archive storing scanned copies and other electronic documents which may be needed by users including Word or OpenDocument formats, faxes, e-mails, video files, etc.

esFLOW is a safe solution to use, with information released exclusively to authorized users. Access to documents can be defined on the level of page or a section of page.

Every instance of document viewing in esFLOW is recorded, which, combined with built-in tools for tracking the progress of business processes, ensures effective reporting of all actions taken by the system’s users.

A unique advantage of esFLOW is compatibility with other systems used by the Client (accounting applications, CRM, ERP, etc.). esFLOW has automatic data import and export functionalities which make it possible to expand the archive with additional modules depending on the Client’s needs.

The system currently supports the modules listed below:

  • esCRM: dedicated module for the management of contractors and contractor contacts; with built-in calendar for entering tasks to perform and sending reminders, a schedule of meetings and register of documents associated with the Client,
  • esPOST: module designed for keeping a record of the company’s incoming and outgoing documents (complete with electronic correspondence log),
  • esARCH: module which supports the operation of the company’s archive for hard copies of documents by enabling registration of paper document storage based on barcodes, and providing document status information: ordered, loaned, collected, returned.
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