Electronic management of traditional archive

esARCH is a dedicated module for the management of paper documents stored in the Traditional Archive.

The module contains all elements necessary for efficient Archive management:

  • a register of all documents entered in the Archive
  • a register and a log for borrowed and returned documents
  • a register and display of current document status
  • labelling of documents earmarked for destruction

The module supports document registration and browsing of archive contents at various levels of detail: from storage boxes and binders through paper file folders to individual documents. Upon our Clients’ request, we seal storage boxes and receive them into the warehouse without any interference into their content.

Clients retain full control of the content of the archive and document locations, which facilitates the process of identification of required files in the archive.
esARCH is used by all Clients who choose to store their documents in ESOD’s Traditional Archive. It is also possible to implement a module dedicated to the management of archive content at the Client’s.

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