Electronic archive

The proprietary solution esDOC streamlines the process of managing documents, with no limit on their number. The system is restricted to authorized users who are given secure and unlimited access to documents regardless of their geographical location.

The file storage and release functionality comprises:

  • storage of files acquired in the process of document scanning performed in ESOD’s headquarters or at the Client’s;
  • saving of files created in the Client’s headquarters and branch offices (no need to invest in hardware);
  • transfer of electronic documents to our servers;
  • protection of new files by creating backup copies of the daily volume of scanned documents and the entire archive;
  • additional backup of materials (CD, DVD, Blu-ray);
  • provision of an appropriate working environment and server security (continuously monitored server replicas stored in a different location);
  • guaranteed 24h/7 access to all documents;
  • guaranteed identification of a standard document within several seconds regardless of the size of the Electronic Archive;
  • document encryption allowing access solely to authorized users.
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